The business context of TRAFILSTEEL INDUSTRIES has oriented the Management to pursue a choice aimed at continuous improvement of products, processes and services, as a basis for development and business consolidation.

TRAFILSTEEL INDUSTRIES Management System meets the main quality standards according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

The strong focus on the activities of business development and knowledge, the market in which it operates and the current retention level reached with the customers, together with the principles and values in the Model of Organization and Management, allow to comply with law and voluntary requirements in order to:

  • Pursue continuous improvement through constant optimization of its Quality Management System, to monitor constantly committed to pursuing customer satisfaction and its needs;
  • Obey the laws and contractual requirements;
  • Achieving the quality objectives on the product, while also ensuring rapid and efficient responses to the emergence of situations of non-compliance of its products and services;
  • Ensuring the continuity assumptions of corporate life and job protection;

through the following specific aspects:

  • The constant monitoring of financial and strategic markets in which TRAFILSTEEL INDUSTRIES operates;
  • The participation, active and constructive involvement and motivation of staff in corporate life;
  • The spread of the fundamental principles to staff
  • The optimization of resources;
  • The definition and implementation of activities to reduce risk and safeguard the business continuity and delivery of products to customers;

The constant direction to customer satisfaction; The personnel, as strategic corporate resource, held to understand, focus and carry out above in order to effectively cooperate and contribute to Quality Management System implementation and maintenance to pursue achievement of the objectives company business objectives.